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Politics of segmentation : party competition and unemployment compensation in Italy and Germany : dottorato di ricerca in studi politici : tesi di dottorato

Picot, Georg Johannes <1978- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

Politics of Segmentation: Party Competition and Unemployment Compensation in Italy and Germany Georg Picot Abstract This dissertation shows how party competition has influenced reforms of unemployment benefits in Italy and Germany. Hence, it uses an explanatory factor that has so far received insufficient attention in comparative welfare state research. The argument focuses on the configuration of party systems in political space and the competitive incentives that this creates. The cases of Italy and Germany are chosen because they have widely different party systems but are relatively similar on important other accounts. The marked divergence of the Italian and German unemployment benefit systems after World War II can be explained with reference to the Italian party system of polarized pluralism and the German system of moderate pluralism. For the phase of welfare reforms starting from the 1970s, this work shows how in Italy, at first, continuing polarization of the party system blocked substantial reform efforts [...]
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