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La forza della debolezza : un'analisi operazionale degli interventi militari in contesti di frammentazione : dottorato di ricerca in studi politici : tesi di dottorato

Zarmanian, Thalin <1976- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

The Strength of Weakness: an Operational Analysis of Military Interventions in Fragementation Contexts The thesis addresses the problem of the so called paradox on unrealized power in IR. Most IR theorists define the current system as unipolar and assume that the United States are capable to militarily impose their will on weaker opponents. Empirical reality seems to contradict this assumption: not only the United State's ability to achieve their military objectives in the post-Cold War era is disputed, but they also seem to encounter most difficulties in prevailing against the "weakest" members of the system. After explaining, in chapter 1, why the existing literature on the subject fails to satisfactorily explain this "anomaly", the thesis argues that in order to overcome it, it is necessary to integrate the recent work of Stephen Biddle - author of the best theory of military effectiveness so far - with the work of IR theorists, mostly European, as the members of the English School, [...]
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