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L'influenza della superficie implantare sul processo di osteointegrazione : dottorato di ricerca in tecniche innovative in implantologia orale e riabilitazione : tesi di dottorato

Folegatti, Chiara <1979- >

Tesi o dissertazioni - 2009

SOMMARIO “Influence of Implant Surfaces in the Osseointegration Process” The aim of this study is to evaluate the interactions between titanium implant surface and biological environment by a review of the recent literature about cellular and molecular mechanisms on which osseointegration relies. In fact the ossseointegration rate of titanium dental implants is related to their composition and surface roughness. Rough-surfaced implants favor both bone anchoring and biomechanical stability. Osteoconductive calcium phosphate coatings promote bone healing and apposition, leading to the rapid biological fixation of implants. The different methods used for increasing surface roughness or applying osteoconductive coatings to titanium dental implants are reviewed. Surface treatments, such as titanium plasma-spraying, grit-blasting, acid-etching, anodization or calcium phosphate coatings, and their corresponding surface morphologies and properties are described. Most of these surfaces are commercially available and have proven clinical efficacy (>95% over 5 years) [...]
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